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I’ve been betting since the age of 17, thanks to a friend’s older brother. At age 22, I showed a manager of one of the largest handicapping sites on the net just what I could do in CFB, and he hired me right up. So I hit the big time, selling picks, at just 22.  I then started running my own site, and others seeked me out to cap for their sites. I did that for quite some time. I then took years off to work in the Psych industry, which does help with capping, started posting my plays for free on a few different message boards and then on Twitter.

I started tracking my plays a few years ago at The Action Network, which is an independent tracking site. I have over 1,000+ plays there and am currently hitting at 57.6%.  I WOULD be doing better but I haven't been able to track some of my picks/winners because the site doesn't track certain types of plays that I've made yet. But that's ok, as 57% over 1,000 plays is nothing to sneeze at. 


September 4th Free Play:
Posted by WillCashSports
Posted on Fri, Sep 4, 2020
September 2nd, Free Play:
Posted by WillCashSports
Posted on Wed, Sep 2, 2020
September 1st, FREE PLAY
Posted by WillCashSports
Posted on Tue, Sep 1, 2020
August 31st FREE MLB Play:
Posted by WillCashSports
Posted on Mon, Aug 31, 2020

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