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Posted on Tue, Aug 20, 2019

College Football Tips
Posted by bleuze
Posted on Tue, Aug 20, 2019

Below are my best college football tips

1. Unlike the NFL, emotion plays a much bigger role in college football, and oftentimes teams will play consistent for three of four games in a row. Do not be afraid to lay big numbers at the end of the year against teams that have thrown in the towel or have a lame-duck coaching staff.

2. Focus on a team’s schedule above a lot of other factors. For example, who a team plays, where they play them, and at what point in the season they face them all have a lot bigger impact on a wager for me than how one team’s running game matches up with the opponent’s run defense.

3. Focus on in college football betting are turnovers and time of possession.

4. The oddsmakers tend to look at the big TV games and the big conference matchups, so at times they might be sleeping at the wheel with the other smaller conferences.

5. The “active underdog over theory” is one that I use often. The active underdog theory is essentially taking an underdog that you believe will be an active underdog (either due to revenge against a team from an earlier season loss, coming off a double-digit loss, losing outright to a team they were heavily favored against, etc.) and taking the ‘over’ with this team.

6. Getting an extra half point here and there is usually is the top thing that separates a winning bettor from a losing one. This is why I suggest that YOU have several sportsbook accounts.

7. Motivation is a huge deal when betting college football. Playing a rival at home is a lot different than playing a bottom-tier team at home. I pay close attention to the schedules of both teams – not only who they have played but who they play the following week as well. A team with a big game versus a division rival the following week is more likely to have a dull performance vs. an out-of-conference “nobody” this week.

8. If a school is coming off a big win, it may be tough to come with that same intensity the next week against a school that probably is NOT as good as the one they just beat.

9. Stay away from featured games of the week and most big conference games as those lines are normally very tight and instead handicap the games not in the spotlight. You will find some great value every week since there are too many games for the books to keep tight lines on. My rule in college football is that specialization is the key to success. I tend to concentrate on small local conferences for about 60 percent of my action.

10. Finally, a good advice that I often give to sports bettors is learn to make your own power ratings and learn to make lines at least a week in advance.

The bottom line is to win more that you lose (NOT betting on favorites), and that is what has kept me successful!.

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