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Ej Garr is the Hudson River Gambler offering bets from the beautiful Hudson Valley in semi-Upstate New York. Get in on the action, purchase your favorite package, and turn your bankroll right side up! 

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Member Picks 7U Per Wager Flat Stakes ($700 U.S)

Freeplay's also available on occasion for 7U. We'll see you at the window and enjoy the boost to the ROI% because NO OFFER on my ledger will show odds outside of -125 (1.80)... EVER. No play deserves all of that juice with your hard-earned cashola! It's your money and you need to make it now!


Posted by HudsonRiverBets
Posted on Thu, May 26, 2022
Are we allowed to at least say hello?
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Posted on Tue, May 24, 2022

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